About the Society

warwick go logo The go society is a group of people who meet up weekly to play go, as well as attend national tournaments. We have members at many skill levels, from complete beginners to dan level (strong amateur). We have a number of books that you can borrow, as well as our own equipment.


One of the most enjoyable things you can do with a game you love is to introduce someone new to it. Whether you're completely new to the game or have played a few games 5 years ago or something, you're extremely welcome to attend our meetings. Just let people know you want to be taught how to play and we'll arrange for someone to show you how to play.

If you feel a bit embarassed playing experienced players, remember that go has a pretty good handicapping system - and if you don't like the idea of that, you can always bring along a friend to guarantee yourself a beginner opponent!

There's not really any need to, but you can also read up about go before you attend by looking at the beginners page.


Anyone is welcome to attend out meetings. If you attend regularly, and are a Warwick student, we ask that you join the society through the Student's Union (as it means we get more budget and you'll get any emails we send out). It's now free to join our society!.

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