The society welcomes beginners to any of our meetings. New people turn up pretty often, so we're very much accustomed to teaching people the rules and giving them their first few games. It's great to see new people getting into the game we love, so we're really happy everytime we get a recruit!

A little beginner advice: Everyone starts somewhere, and in go, unless you're some sort of superhuman or robot, it'll be in a position of making a lot of terrible mistakes. Any seasoned player, looking back at their own first games, will cringe in horror at the moves they made. You'll make terrible mistakes, but everyone does that: play moves that you think are interesting rather than trying to play the correct move each time. You'll learn a lot more from making mistakes than from spending a long time thinking and still making a mistake!

go creature

Getting Started

So, you've found out about this great game and you're too excited to wait until the society's next meeting? Read on!

If you don't know the rules, this site has served as a good introduction for many people (it teaches you the basic rules, as well as a few basic concepts).

Once you know the rules, a good place online which often has a lot of beginners as well as more experienced players is KGS. You can sign on as a guest and, if you like it, you can register using the User menu. Once you're online, you should probably join the Beginner's Room (Rooms->Room List->Lessons->Beginner's Room) as that's where a few teachers and a lot of beginners hang out. You should also join our room (Rooms->Room List->Clubs->University of Warwick Go Club).

You might notice a lot of people on KGS have a grade in square brackets. The grades start at 30 kyu, which is a complete beginner, go up to 1 kyu, then 1 dan up to 9 dan. You can think of 1 dan as something like a black belt. Kyu is abbreviated as 'k' (for example, you start at 30k) and dan as 'd'. You may also see 'p' ranks: these are professional grades, which go from 1 dan pro (and is normally 9d on KGS or even stronger!) and go up to 9 dan pro. These are extremely strong players who often sell lessons on KGS.