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Term 2 - Sat Jan 4 16:19:21 2014

Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas!
Our first session of term 2 is on Wednesday 8th January in R1.04 in the Ramphal building. As usual we will be available to teach you the rules if you haven't played before. Hope to see you there!

If you plan to come this term make sure to check the Meetings page since we are moving rooms several times.

Welcome back! - Sun Sep 29 13:41:19 2013

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great summer.

Our weekly sessions will be resuming on Wednesday of Week 2. For the first few weeks we'll be meeting in R1.15 in the Ramphal building from 4pm to 7pm. Please feel free to come along even if you haven't joined the society, we'll be happy to play some games with you.

In Week 1 we will be at the Societies fair all day on Thursday 3rd October. Come see us for more information or if you just want to talk about Go!

See you there!

Elections! - Wed Feb 27 23:55:07 2013

Hey everyone!
This year's exec elections will take place on Wednesday 13th March (week 10) during our usual session. Everyone can run for a position and vote, so please come along even if you haven't been very active this term. This will also be an opportunity to talk to the current and future execs, so it'll be the perfect chance to give us some feedback!

The main positions available are:

- President (organises main events and primary contact with the British Go Association, plans meetings etc...)
-Secretary (updating website, sending out emails and smaller responsibilities)
-Treasurer (in charge of money, applying for funding and spending budget)

Of course, if there are more than 3 people interested in being exec members, we can always consider creating new positions.

See you there!

Week 5 Update + Tournament - Sun Oct 28 18:53:23 2012

Hey everyone!
Just a quick update about the society. We're very happy about the turnout we've had every week so far, glad to see you all enjoying the game! Again I'd like to recommend this online tutorial for you to become more familiar with the basics if you are a beginner!
Also if you'd like to play during the week, we recommend the KGS Go Server for players of all level. It's a very friendly place to find other players of the same strength to play against.

We're organising a tournament on the 24th November, it would be great if most active society members came along! Don't worry if you're a beginner, Go tournaments are always organised so that you play games against people of your own level. Please consider it, it'll be a fun day! Get more info here.

If you have any questions about Go, the society or the tournament, feel free to email us at go@uwcs.co.uk
See you on Wednesday!

Taster Session Summary and Updates - Sat Oct 13 17:55:07 2012

Although we had some troubles last weekend, our first session of the year took place on Wednesday and was very successful! We'd like to thank all of you who came along, I was very happy to see so many people interested in the game and mostly just having fun playing. Hopefully we'll see you again next Wednesday. Our sessions are now weekly, Wednesdays from 4pm in B2.03 in the Science Concourse.

If people are interested in learning more about the game during the week between sessions, I greatly recommend this online tutorial. It's definitely the best resource we have for learning the rules and basics of the game. Of course, our stronger members are always willing to offer teacher and advice during the sessions.

Just a quick update on our yearly tournament this November. We've finally added the page to the website for this year's tournament; it includes details such as location, schedule and rules. Please check it out!

See you on Wednesday!